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Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse

Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse

April 15, 2010

ECLIPSE: Kristen Stewart..... A More Mature Bella??

Kristen Stewart: A More Mature Bella in ECLIPSE?

In The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Kristen Stewart has to deal with a lot of difficult stuff, from being the object of desire of both a loving vampire (Robert Pattinson) and a determined werewolf (Taylor Lautner), to worrying about graduation while keeping her neck unbitten and in place — as there’s a vengeful vampire (Bryce Dallas Howard) out to get her.

Stewart, as attested by her reviews for both Welcome to the Rileys and The Runaways — not to mention Adventureland — has clearly matured as an actress. Many have complained that her Bella Swan is "mopey" and "bland," but I do believe that those who have put her Bella down in the past will be surprised when they see her next in Eclipse.

At least in Hard Candy, Eclipse’s David Slade has shown himself a fantastic actors’ director. Ellen Page, in particular, received raves for her performance in that film. It’s hard to judge just by looking at the teaser trailer, but to me Stewart’s Bella sounds more mature — even if her look is the same as in previous films.

My only fear for Eclipse is that Summit may opt to keep things as they’ve been because they believe that that’s what their (target teen) audience wants. I think that could make any successful franchise go stale.

But perhaps I’m wrong, after all the Harry Potter movies continue to be as successful as ever even though they’ve generally maintained the same look and feel. Personally, I believe that a little more darkness, a little more depth, and a little more mood would enhance the next Twilight installment.

Written by Melissa Rosenberg from Stephenie Meyer’s now controversial novels, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse opens June 30. Javier Aguirresarobe provided the excellent cinematography, as can be seen in the teaser trailer.

Also in the Eclipse cast are Billy Burke, Ashley Greene, Jackson Rathbone, Nikki Reed, Kellan Lutz, Anna Kendrick, Elizabeth Reaser, Peter Facinelli, Gil Birmingham, Dakota Fanning, Cameron Bright, and Catalina Sandino Moreno.

Photo: Summit Entertainment

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Is One Of The Most Complained About Books

We don’t know of any teenagers who read the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn and had a bad word to say about it. However, parents and educators were less than impressed by the relationship between vampire Edward Cullen and human, Bella Swan. And because of that, Associated Press have reported that the American Library Association has rated Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight novels at number 5 on their list of most ‘challenged books’.

The Saga tells the story of the romance between Edward and Bella and the two are abstinent
until the final book of the series. Barbara Jones, director of the association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom told OK!:

“Vampire novels have been a target for years and the Twilight books are so immensely popular that a lot of the concerns people have had about vampires are focused on her books.”

Did you have a problem with any of the themes in Breaking Dawn?

Robert Pattinson Reportedly Hooked Up with Gossip girl star Leighton Meester!!!

Leighton Meester the Gossip Girl star and Robert Pattinson
has reportedly had an overnight rendezvous and the reports are that they spent the night together in her New York apartment. Meester recently broke up with co-star Sebastian Stan, while Pattinson is being linked to Kristen Stewart.

An In Touch source said that Pattinson was spotted entering Meester’s apartment at night and didn’t leave until 11 a.m. the next morning.

“He ducked out of the building and hopped into a waiting car. He apparently spent the night with Leighton, and didn’t want anyone to know!”

A close pal of the actress confirmed the said affair to the magazine, adding that she has a texting romance with it. But some websites are saying that the report is untrue. Well fans wait and watch for the true love interest of Rob!!

Sexy New Cover of Kristen Stewart from Flaunt Magazine

Here’s a sneak preview of the lovely Kristen Stewart on the cover of Flaunt Magazine.

Kristen stars as Bella Swan in upcoming film “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” aka Eclipse starring Robert Pattinson (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn), Kristen Stewart (Adventureland, The Runaways), Taylor Lautner, (My Own Worst Enemy) and Xavier Samuel (Road Train, The Loved Ones).

Synopsis: In The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Bella once again finds herself surrounded by danger as Seattle is ravaged by a string of mysterious killings and a malicious vampire continues her quest for revenge. In the midst of it all, she is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob - knowing that her decision has the potential to ignite the struggle between vampire and werewolf. With her graduation quickly approaching, Bella is confronted with the most important decision of her life.

'Twilight's' Robert Pattinson asked to host SNL

OK! Magazine is reporting that Lorne Michaels, SNL Master Mind, has invited Robert Pattinson to host Saturday Night Live this season. While it looks like nothing has been confirmed yet I'm thinking what a glorious idea, right?!
I know I'd like to rest my head in my hand and giggle dreamily at my television some Saturday night. I mean the possibilities are endless! I can think of at least 5 possible skits R.Patz could do that would bring not only viewers but laughter. Not all of them involve nudity either. Here are my thoughts:

Skit option 1)
Think techno-night club. Imagine bubbles and smoke machines and lots of neon. R.Patz comes in from a temp agency thinking he's come to work as an office assistant or something. Some big dude who works at the club, Kenan Thompson maybe, meets R.Patz and says something like "I think you'll do great as our new cage dancer." R.Patz is all shocked. Then Kenan can show him his uniform - spandex pants, no shirt. Takes him out to look at the cage he gets to dance in. Yada, yada, yada. This one has lots of potential. Lots of shirtless potential. And I can see it making him incredibly uncomfortable and that's what I watch SNL for - seeing the celebs do shit they never normally would.

Skit option 2)
R.Patz can sing so I think they should take advantage of that while simultaneously making fun of the show “Glee.” Maybe R.Patz goes to a po-dunk school somewhere in the south and the Glee club is trying to emulate the show. Maybe they're working really hard on an arraignment of Air Supply songs to sing for their State championship. The song "Even the Nights are Better" should be involved in a big way. I'd like to see dance moves and some sort of rivalry between Rob and Fred Armisen. Fred Armisen is jealous of Rob maybe. I don't know, the specifics would have to be worked out but I know R.Patz dancing and singing Air Supply sounds pretty damn funny to me.

Skit option 3)
It's impossible not to do a “Twilight” parody! You have the lead character; you've got to take advantage of that. Even as a fan of “Twilight” I can enjoy making fun of it. I realize how ridiculous it is even if I can't stop myself from liking it! In the skit I say make R.Patz still be Edward but the "Bella" character is a totally annoying, delusional, brace-faced, pimply dork. Maya Rudolph or Kristen Wiig would do this well. Basically Bella's really obnoxious and clingy and Edward is trying to hide from her around corners in the high school and behind trees in the woods and stuff. Eventually he just kills her. I mean he's a vampire so he's strong right? Maybe he just rips off her head in a fit of annoyed rage.

Skit option 4)
Robert can be himself in a skit. Maybe he gets hit by a car and is bleeding and has to get to the hospital. But all the CRAZY fan chicks can be falling all over him and he can't get away. Maybe the girls are like ripping off his shirt (we have to get him shirtless at least twice). Some other girl can be like trying to lick him. Another girl can be like "I can help you, I'll take you to the hospital" but she gets him in her car and takes him to her house instead. Maybe she ties him up in her room and throws him in the closet and there's like other hot guys in there. It'd be really funny if you could get Chace Crawford and that guy from “High School Musical” to be trapped with him. Is that funny or is that just insane? Hell, I giggled thinking it up! Somebody else has to find that shit funny too, right??

Skit option 5)
What would really make me laugh is to see Robert Pattinson lose it during a skit. He seems like such a quiet, reserved introvert as it is so I think doing something especially silly would be good. So I say R.Patz and Kristen Wiig can play a married couple going to marriage counseling and the therapist (Will Forte would be good) can make them do really stupid shit to each other. For example Will Forte can be like "it might help you two relax together if you could just open up to one another. Why don't you try sitting on the floor and looking at each other?" Once they do that he can ask them to make faces at each other and maybe do like some sort of mimic practice where one has the follow what the other does. Kristen can start flapping her arms like a chicken and Rob will have to follow. Will Forte will be really serious about all this and how great it is that they are connecting on a deeper level. The options are really endless with the goofy shit they can make each other mimic. It's like a staring contest with hand moves!

Maybe these are terrible ideas, I'm certain I don't know. I've never been on “Saturday Night Live” so I don't know what kind of ideas they are coming up with. I can guarantee that I want to see Rob Pattinson on the show though. If Betty White can get on SNL based on her popularity Rob Pattinson should be a done deal. Hell, all he has to do is sit in the audience of an awards show and the ratings go up. So many chicks love him that all you'd have to do to solve our health care debate in this country is place Rob right next to Obama when he talks about it. What exactly is it about that guy that's so appealing? I'm sure I don't know. I hope he does get to host SNL and if he does I'd like him shirtless and making me laugh. That's really all women want in a man anyway, right?

April 14, 2010

Robert Pattinson~ Remember Me coming to Blu-Ray!!

The movie Remember Me coming out on DVD and Blu-Ray disc on June 22, 2010.
Check out the cover art for Remember Me starring Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin!

Official summary: In the summer of 2001, New York college student Tyler (Pattinson) is still feeling lost from the tragedy that has strained his relationship with his father when he meets Ally (de Ravin), a girl who understands his pain. The last thing Tyler’s looking for is love, but through their passionate relationship, he finds new possibilities for happiness. It’s an unforgettable story about the power of the heart, the strength of family, and the importance of treasuring every day of one’s life.

Courtney Has No Love for Pattinson as Cobain

For the record, Courtney Love has nothing against Robert Pattinson as a hottie person. She just thinks he doesn't have the chops to play her late husband, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain.
All apologies to the 36 percent of you who wanted to see that happen.
"I might dissPEAR AND HEY I LIKE R PATZ HES JUST NOT RIGHT FOR KC!" the Hole singer said on Twitter.
However, she does have a few suggestions for the casting directors of the rumored biopic...
Courtney told the Canadian Press she could see Ryan Gosling or James McAvoy taking the part. She also said she hopes to be able to approve the casting and have Sting's wife, Trudie Styler, act as her "proxy" to make sure the film suits her liking.
She also claims she'd never see the film because it would be too difficult to watch.

Do you think Courtney's underestimating our favorite sparkle vamp?

Robert Pattinson films 'Water for Elephants' in Los Angeles soon: Fans expect him to move in With Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson will be returning to Los Angeles in about 6 weeks to being work on a new film Water for Elephants. This circus movie has the entertainment industry working hard right now for preparations for the celebrity. This includes finding extras for the movie to work on location. According to Vacation Locations, the website states the movie productions have it down the filming starts May 22.

The majority of the filming will be in Los Angeles. Other parts will be at Cornell University. In the first part, of filming Twilight fans are wondering where he will be staying
An obvious answer is Kristen Stewart's house. She currently lives in the Hollywood Hills area which would be decent distance to anywhere in the Los Angeles area.
Being that Pattinson can probably have any hotel he wants, it just might be easier to hang out with someone who already has the proper security and community to keep the pesky paparazzi away. And that way they can spend more time together when he is not on set.

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Exclusive Photos: Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart in London

April 14, 2010 10:00 AM

After a loooong separation, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart finally reunited over the weekend — and Star has exclusive photos of the couple together.
As we detail in our April 26 issue — on sale now — the Twilight sweethearts rendezvoused for her 20th birthday on April 9 in Budapest, where he's filming the period drama Bel Ami, then traveled together to London, arriving holding hands — until they saw waiting photographers! Then "they parted like the Red Sea," says an eyewitness. After visiting Rob's parents in West London, it  was on to a private hotel, where they holed up inside their room – and Rob could be heard playing his guitar and serenading Kristen.

“Their love is impossible to hide,” says an insider.

April 13, 2010

Remember Me Box Office Results So Far 04/13/10

With costs of *only* $16 million to bring Remember Me to the big screen it earned $45.7 million worldwide already.
Top foreign markets before last weekends openings in Argentina, France and serveral other European countries were
Russia ($3.15m)
Italy ($2.35m)
Germanyn ($1.9m)
Brazil ($1.71)
UK/Ireland ($1.5m)
Australia ($1.21m)
The movie is still to be released in the asian countries such as South Korea, China and Japan. Other countries from South America to Turkey are also to follow.
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April 12, 2010

Images of Eclipse

Some new pics of Eclipse

April 8, 2010

Ashley Greene Comments of Eclipse

Ashley comments of Eclipse scenes

Ashley Greene explained in a recent interview with MTV that mid-March called it to ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) in Eclipse. It is a process used in the movies post-production to bend the phrases that require it. So that stakeholders can read his sentences correctly, it shows them complete material. Thus, Ashley could see several scenes of Eclipse. Keep reading to see what you think of them ^ ^

"A month ago, I met David Slade and did everything from ADR," recalled Greene. "And every time I do ADR, is as," why not spend the scene?. "I need to see the full scene"

Of course, imagine that any good Twilighter would do the same. As a result of this thorough approach Ashley to ADR work, has been the first to enjoy some of the future classic scenes of Eclipse.
"" I could see a lot of material", said Ashley".And looks really amazing.

"For example, the wolves are amazing in this film," said Greene, adding that the bestial transformations of Jacob Black and his companions have improved much to New Moon. "In the film were, of course, we always try to overcome us but here look incredible."

"In addition, fight I've seen scene is really incredible, said Greene of another of his favorite moments of the film, which is expected to provide more action and blood than any previous films in the series. "We work hard to do so".
Noting later, added: "Definitvamente I think there is a scene in particular between Jasper, the character of Jackson, and mine, Alice, I think that going to like everyone".

With only just over two months until the early film, Ashley left the series fans some encouraging words:  "I think that no one will be disappointed".

Robert Bel Ami pics 04/08/10

Two new pics of Robert on the set of Bel Ami from today. I gotta say our guy sure looks pretty tired. :(

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April 7, 2010

Stephenie Meyer pens 'Eclipse' novella on newborn vampire Bree

Stephenie Meyer will publish The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, a 192-page novella centered on a newborn vampire introduced in the third Twilight novel, Eclipse, in June. The story chronicles the journey of villain Victoria’s newborn vampire army as they prepare to close in on Bella and the Cullens. It will be released at 12:01 a.m. on June 5 in hardcover ($13.99, with $1 from each sale going to the American Red Cross International Response Fund). From June 7 to July 5, fans will be able to read the book for free online at, which will also provide a link to the American Red Cross website where they can donate to support relief efforts in Haiti, Chile, and around the globe.
On her official site, Meyer says she never intended to publish Bree Tanner as a stand-alone book. It was just something she’d started working on while she was still editing Eclipse. “I was thinking a lot about the newborns, imagining their side of the story, and one thing led to another.” The novella came in handy during the filming of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (in theaters June 30). Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, director David Slade, and actors Xavier Samuel (Riley), Bryce Dallas Howard (Victoria), and Jodelle Ferland (Bree) all read it before cameras rolled to better understand the characters.
Meyer thought the manuscript might work well as part of The Twilight Saga: The Official Guide, a tome still awaiting a pub date, but at nearly 200 pages, it was something her publisher thought worked better on its own. Meyer liked the idea of publishing it before Eclipse hits theaters, to give fans an introduction to Bree. She also considered the novella a gift to devoted Twilight readers, which is why she asked her publisher to make it available for free online.

Kristen Stewart was abused at school

The actress say that they made her life impossible when they learned of their profession.
The actress Kristen Stewart stated that it was never able to interact with their peers at school, because evil always carried with it. They were rude, not gave me opportunities, regrets the actress.
According to Stewart, his colleagues it were so bad that he felt relieved when he left the University and began to study at home and only thus could concentrate on acting.
"I am glad have made these films, because as I stopped going to school. I never was the type of girl walked in the corridors of the school claiming to be an actress, until someone realized and started to treat me as if I were a petulante".

"I am glad have made these films, because as I stopped going to school. I never was the type of girl walked in the corridors of the school claiming to be an actress, until someone realized and started to treat me as if I were a petulante".

Stewart said that when the Eclipse, she finished the high school graduation scene recorded the previous week.

Eclipse Fan Art

April 6, 2010

Kristen Stewart caught house hunting April 6, 2010

Robert Pattinson's girlfriend Kristen Stewart might score another one movie project! According to reports, Kristen Stewart might play the lead role of the movie adaptation of the bestselling novel "The Girl With Dragon Tattoo."

David Fincher, director of the movie 'Fight Club', has signed up to create the Hollywood makeover of the Swedish thriller book - and now he must choose his leading lady. But Kristen Stewart has a 'very big' rival on the role, this year's BAFTA Best Actress Carey Mulligan.

According to additional reports, the role that Stewart and Mulligan might play is said to be "edgy, sexy and demanding." Wow, An Oscar Best Actress nominee, versus the girl who played Rob Pattinson's love interest in 'Twilight', very interesting!

Meanwhile, Kristen Stewart was spotted house hunting again in Los Angeles on April 6, 2010. A source tells us, "Kristen hits the Los Angeles area looking for that perfect nest with a real estate agent." The source adds that Kristen always calls someone on the phone while on her house hunting. Hmm, smells fishy!

Read more: Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart - Tattoo Role And House Hunting, Part 2!

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Eclipse Premiere Set To Be Held June 24, 2010

IT'S OFFICIAL~ JUNE 24th  is the set date of the Premiere that we all have been waiting for. The third part of the all time Vampire Thriller- The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is finally going to hit theaters on June 30,2010 but before it does the premiere must take place. This is what all the fans have been waiting for, even myself. I have planned to go and meet up with several other "TEXAS" Robert fans to go and drool over this British hunk. However, my plans had to change unfortunately because I am going to be graduating from college the day after the premiere in Phoenix Arizona. Since we are driving from Texas to Arizona, I am going to have to miss the one thing that I have always been looking forward to....seeing Robert Pattinson and the Twilight Cast in person.

I know there is going to be another premiere for the fourth part of the Twilight Saga, but since I have started this website I have grown more obsessed with Robert Pattinson, not only meeting more people with the same obsession globally. I must say that we all share the same obsession for this British hunk that we all have kept respectable tabs on. I know that my friends who do go to the premiere will keep me posted on all the details that I will have missed. Graduation has been the one goal that I have set for a long time now for me and my two boys. I know that my friends will be there to go with me to the premiere of Break Dawn! Until then, I will only have videos, pictures, and news to keep me posted on what I have missed. However, Robert's career has start to rise and I am glad to say that I have been a fan since he was first started to be known to the public. For all of you that are going to make it to the Eclipse Premiere, I ask one favor from each of you. To take a picture of Robert for me and THINK OF ME when you are only a matter of inches away from him!!

Catch Vampire Baseball Fever!!

May 22,2010 ~ Salt Lake Utah

Can Vampires beat the World's best athletes? Find out when Vampire Baseball™ comes to Salt Lake City, home of the 2002 Olympics! Join cast from Twilight and New Moon, along with Olympic Champions as they take to the field to play Vampire Baseball™ in a benefit for Special Olympics of Utah! Tickets start at just $25. More info...

Check out the roster of celebrities participating. (to date) All actor appearances are subject to filming schedules.

Chaske Spencer-->Plays Sam Uley in New Moon and Eclipse
Alex Meraz-->Plays Paul in New Moon and Eclipse
Tyson Houseman-->Plays Quil Ateara in New Moon and Eclipse
Alexander Mendeluk-->Frat Boy in Twilight and New Moon
Ted Ligety-->Won Olympic Gold Medal
Louie Vito-->Professional Snowboarder

Robert Pattinson on the set of Bel Ami

BEL AMI SET~ April 6, 2010



April 5, 2010

'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' star Nikki Reed suggests 'Breaking Dawn' will film in Vancouver

Even though The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is nearly three months away from its theatrical release, the Twilight series cast has been out and about in full force doing interviews and appearances.

At the Yotam Solomon’s Fashion Event this weekend, Young Hollywood caught up with New Moon and Eclipse star Nikki Reed ("Rosalie Hale" in the series) and asked her a few questions about her style choices for the evening.
Reed also talked about her current interests, which include traveling and learning the Greek and Spanish languages. About The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and what fans can expect to see from her character, Reed explained that the film "really explore[s] my character's back story . . . so there's a lot of stuff from the early 1900's, the 1930's." When speaking of the Twilight saga cast ensemble and how they're gearing up for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Reed stated that they are "all sort of like a family. You know, we started this thing together, and we're going to finish together . . . We love each other, we see one another when we're not shooting. So, we're looking forward to going back to Vancouver to make another one."
While Nikki Reed might not have known for sure whether the filming location for Breaking Dawn would be Vancouver or Portland, it seems that she thinks it'll be Vancouver.

A Picture of Nikki Reed, as Rosalie Cullen in a New Moon Poster Pic.

Robert and Kristen Stewart keep their relationship going by long distance flirting

Are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart dating? That has been the question that Twilight fans everywhere have been debating for two years. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's rumored relationship is reported to be strained by the separation they must endure while furthering their careers. But a new online report says Pattinson and Stewart are keeping the relationship going by long distance flirting. According to reports.

Awesome New Eclipse Book Covers Preview

Barnes & Noble will release these two new book covers for the best seller ‘Eclipse’ by author Stephenie Meyer. The upcoming film based on the book “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” aka Eclipse stars Robert Pattinson (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn), Kristen Stewart (Adventureland, The Runaways), Taylor Lautner, (My Own Worst Enemy) and Xavier Samuel (Road Train, The Loved Ones).

It's OFFICIAL Remember Me on DVD ~ June 22,2010

Robert Pattinson fans rejoice! It's official, on June 22nd you can own your very own copy of Robert Pattinson's 'Remember Me.' Pattinson, who's famous for his portrayl of Vampire Edward Cullen in Stephanie Meyer's 'Twilight Saga' stars in this movie about family, love, and all the complications that go with it.

Robert Pattinson Spotted Filming More ‘Bel Ami’ Movie Scenes In Hungary

Robert Pattinson spotted filming more ‘Bel Ami’ movie scenes in Hungary. “Twilight Saga” movie star Robert Pattinson was spotted shooting some more scenes for his new “Bel Ami” movie the other day over in Budapest,Hungary. In the photos (above), he’s seen looking out the side of a train or something. Robert co-stars alongside established female actress Uma Thurman in the new “Bel Ami” flick.

Rob plays a character named Georges Deroy who rises to power in Paris by manipulating the city’s most influential women. He will also get close to Uma Thurman’s character in the flick. Robert has been in Budapest for the past week and a half to two weeks, shooting the new film. “Bel Ami” doesn’t have a release date yet, but I’m pretty sure it will probably hit theaters sometime next year since they’re already filming it.
In the meantime, I’m sure you guys can all settle for seeing him reprise his role of Edward Cullen in the 3rd installment of the “Twilight Saga” movie series, “Twilight Saga: Eclipse.” It hits theaters on June 30.

Robert Pattinson ~ April 2, 2010

New Pictures of Robert on the Set of Bel Ami!!

Eclipse banner

Eclipse banner

Twilight, New Moon Picture

Twilight, New Moon Picture

Green Eyes

Green Eyes

The New

The New